Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I see in 2D

3D is everywhere these days. From kids' movies like "Monsters Vs. Aliens" to huge blockbusters like "Avatar". This year's CES was buzzing with hype about the new 3D tvs that are being developed and we're even hearing about 3D video games. Now normally I'm all for new technology and honestly I think that it's pretty exciting. Imagine sitting down to watch your favorite movie and being totally emmersed in it. I mean literally be part of a movie. Can you imagine it? Well I can't and the reason is that I don't see it.

No really. I don't see it. I mean I really can't see it. I can not see 3D. I'm blind in my right eye and because of that, 3D glass don't work for me. When I was a kid I bought 3D magazines and comics excited to see the images pop out at me. Of course all I saw was red, and I don't just mean that I was pissed. The red lens was the only one I could see out of. For the longest time I thought that 3D was crap and it wasn't until I was a little older that I realized why 3D didn't work for me. Now 3D didn't really cross my mind again until recently and now it seems that 3D is what we all should be looking forward to. Great thanks. I'm six years old all over again. And like ethan suplee in mallrats; I can't see the sailboat. And really I'm not alone. Anyone who can't see out of both eyes or is colorblind is screwed if we follow our current protocol and eventually phase out LCD's and OLED's in favor of 3D. Of course that would be a while off and maybe by then we'll have some amazing surgery to take care of these problems.

I know that this is a small minority that I'm referring to and in no way am I trying to rain on anyones parade. But the 'yay! 3D!' Party was just starting to get to me. Of course I'm sure there are others who aren't jazzed about 3D. Do you get all warm and fuzzy about 3D? Do you even care? Let me know and why?

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