Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why Green Lantern is My Favorite DC Hero

I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say that Green Lantern is my favorite DC superhero. I used to be all about Batman but recently I realized that GL is more appealing. I won't get into which Lantern is my fav(I'm a Kyle Rayner man, although John Stewart is a close second)but I'll happily tell you why I've developed a new fanboy crush.

Lately I've been re-evaluating my life and I've decided that I should take a more pro-active approach to attaining my goals. I'm a smart guy and I believe that I am creative and pretty good on my feet so I'm sure that I can achieve my goals but one thing seems to hold me back, willpower. I get distracted like everybody else and sometimes I can be downright lazy. Well keeping up on DC news I've been following the "Blackest Night" storyline and it got me re-interested in the Green Lantern mythology and I decided to review GL history(thanks wiki). Looking into Hal Jordan's "Rebirth" storyline, Rayner's history and the powers of the GL I realized that they are the most remarkable heroes of the DC universe. Sure you have your Supermans and your Batmans and all sorts of characters but how many are powered solely by will power. It's the only way that you can use the ring and not just anybody can use it(Green Arrow found that out the hard way). You have to be a person with remarkable will just to be chosen to wear the right and the most powerful Lanterns are those with the most creative minds. That's right, you gotta have heart and imagination to play in this league and just being a hero doesn't cut it.

Now if you asked me truthfully there's no way in hell that I would make the cut, I'm clearly unqualified for the job. Still it gives me something to strive for and another goal to work and who knows, one day I may get there. For now I'll just try emulated the qualities of the Green Lantern and wait for my ring to show up.
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